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Calendar of the program:

September – December:

Recruitment: Scholarship recipients are selected through an open, merit based competition, which takes place each fall. Any student, who meets eligibility requirements, may take part in the competition.

March – April:

Notification: In spring, students are notified of results and accept or decline.

April – June:

Notification follow-up: Finalists must collect and prepare many documents in order to participate in the program, including an international passport, parental permission to travel, medical certificates and forms, academic agreement, academic transcript and others (your American Councils representative will describe in detail what is required).

June – July:

Pre-Departure Orientations: Every finalist must participate in a four-day orientation designed to help students prepare for adapting to life as an exchange student in the U.S. The U.S. visa interview at the embassy or consulate happens at this time.


Departures: The vast majority of students depart for the U.S. in this month and begin their program year in the United States. Those with early school start dates depart in late July.

August – May/June:

Program year: The ten-month program year goes from August until May or June of the following year. Students live with host families and attend host schools.

May – June:

Return and alumni: Finalists return to their home countries from the U.S. in either May (no earlier than May 15) or June. All participants must return home at the end of their program year, as per J-1 visa regulations.