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On March 3, 2018 American Councils for International Education Georgia celebrated 25 years of FLEX for South Caucasus region. Program alumni from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan among the U.S. Embassy representatives from these countries gathered in Tbilisi, Georgia to celebrate FLEX program’s existence by FLEX Talks event.

“FLEX Talks” was designed to hear inspiring stories from alumni of these regions based on “TED Talks” format. 3 speakers from each country and one keynote speaker from Georgia shared the impact of this program through inspiring speeches that we will share with you later. Up to 200 alumni from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia gathered in Tbilisi to attend this event, reconnect with each other and hear inspiring stories from their peers.

For 25 years FLEX program has been changing lives of high school students in this region. U.S. Government continues to support FLEX exchange program and we as an organization are happy to see the impact of this program on everyone’s lives who participated in this program.

On behalf of American Councils for International Education we would like to thank US Department of State for providing opportunity of studying in America for high school students of this region. Stories that were shared on this event were truly inspiring and show how much FLEX program changes participants from these countries.

We would like to thank FLEX Alumni speakers from Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia for being brave by sharing their stories to wider audiences. We thank alumni who attended the event and especially those alumni volunteers who supported the process. We are grateful to every individual who worked behind the scenes to sharpen the event and make it unforgettable- starting from our MC’s, speaker mentors, stage directors and Expo Georgia staff. We thank US Embassy representatives for attending this event; media (TV Imedia and Rustavi 2) for their unconditional support and everyone who wished us happy birthday on the day of the event. We are especially grateful to American Councils Alumni office team who made this event possible.

Happy Birthday FLEX Program and we wish you highest numbers in having successful participants!