FLEX Program 2020-2021 is moving online

Registration will start from September 1 until October 15.
To register for FLEX follow the link: ais.americancouncils.org/flex
*See eligibility criteria for year 2020, student should:
(1) be in 9th, 10th or 11th grade,
(2) be born between January 1st, 2004 until July 15 (including) 2006.
(3) not have lived in the USA more than 3 months in past 5 years
(4) be a citizen of Georgia
(5) be a student in school that is located in Georgia
(6) know English Language
Students with disabilities can also participate in “FLEX” Program. Age criteria is a bit different, students should be born from February 15 2003 until July 15 2006, from grades 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12.

American Councils Georgia office continues working remotely, you can contact us any time Monday-Friday during the working hours 10:00-18:00, you can reach us by phone: 📲+ 0322 21 26 09 or email 📩: info@amcouncils.ge.

Hope to meet you again soon in our lovely environment!😊work-remotely-1920x1317


“America’s leadership in a global world depends on our ability to understand that world. And there is no better way to understand others than to speak their language.”

-Leon Panetta
August 6, 2018


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Nona Tsikhelashvili’s PFP Fellowship at EPIC ‘Ohana Inc.

Nona Tsikhelashvili did her PFP fellowship at the EPIC ‘Ohana Inc. (Effective Planning and Innovative Communication) from October 9th to November 12th, 2018 in the state of Hawaii, Honolulu. The organization has its representation in every city of Hawaii. EPIC works on enhancing the welfare of children. Their primary responsibilities are:

  • Strengthening biological family in order to prevent child care by the state,
  • Help to reunify children in the care system with their biological families,
  • Preparing young adults in state care for independent life.

The supervisor gave Nona TIMG_3037sikhelashvili the opportunity of meeting the Director of the department of social work at Hawaii University. The government gives a Master’s Degree scholarship to the student willing to work in the field of children welfare. The government makes a contract with a student according to which the student is obliged to work for at least two years as a state social worker after completing the university. The existing practice allows for a child welfare system in Hawaii to have qualified staff who knows the existing laws and regulations, services and methods and tools to help make a decision in the child’s best interest. Nona had an opportunity to meet judges working on the family court who deal only with family related issues.  The court has various services developed in relation to crime prevention; It also monitors public services and holds a child interrogation technique based on the best interests of the child. Nona secured funding for her Outbound Project offered by the Professional Fellows Program to share in Georgia. Within the framework of the project, Nona’s supervisor from EPIC will visit Georgia in May 2019. During the visit, Nona and her supervisor will meet with the representatives of State and non-governmental organizations, that provide various services to children and families in state care.



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In the US, Christmas is a hugely celebrated holiday. Right after stores get cleared of Thanksgiving decorations, Christmas spirit takes their place. The buildings and streets are decorated with twinkling lights, sparkling Christmas trees are all around, and Christmas carols play wherever you go. You’ll see excited children standing in line to take their picture with Santa and smell the distinct aroma of hot chocolate and cinnamon swirling around. It’s a magical time of the year!

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