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For almost two decades since the launch of its exchange programs in Georgia, American Councils for International Education has been reputed for conducting a fair competition and providing an opportunity to large numbers of individuals all over the country. Nowadays American Councils Georgia office administers a broad range of educational and exchange programs, as well as paper and internet-based tests.


American Councils has developed into one of the premier American education and international training organizations, administering exchange and training programs, including U.S. government programs and non-U.S. national fellowship programs. The organization develops collaborative and partnership programs between individuals and institutions in the United States and the countries of Eurasia and Eastern Europe, consults on project design and education innovation programs, and actively contributes to the development of Eurasian languages and area studies in the United States.



American Councils for International Education advances scholarly research and cross-border learning through the design and implementation of educational programs that are well grounded in key world languages, cultures and regions. We contribute to the creation of new knowledge, broader professional perspectives, and personal and intellectual growth through international training, academic exchange, collaboration in educational development, and public diplomacy. American Councils strives to expand dialog among students, scholars, educators and professionals for the advancement of learning and mutual respect in the diverse communities and societies in which we work.